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Material Fact - Search and Seizure Warrant

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São Paulo, February 22, 2018 - Triunfo Participações e Investimentos S.A. ("Triunfo" or "Company") (B3: TPIS3), in compliance with CVM Instruction 358/02, hereby informs the market and its shareholders that today, the Federal Police executed a search and seizure warrant at the Company’s registered office in São Paulo and at the registered offices of its subsidiaries Empresa Concessionária de Rodovias do Norte S.A. – Econorte (“Econorte”) and Rio Tibagi Serviços de Operações e Apoio Rodoviário Ltda. (“Rio Tibagi”). The order was issued by the 13th Federal Court of the Judicial Subsection of Curitiba, Paraná. The order also determined the temporary detention of Hélio Ogama, CEO of Econorte, and Sandro Antônio Lima, Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer of Triunfo and former CFO of Econorte.
With regard to the information provided by the Federal Police at the press conference held today, the Company clarifies the following, and also rectifies the misleading information reported in the media:
(i) Triunfo and Construtura Triunfo S.A. are separate companies, with independent management;
(ii) Rio Tibagi is a subsidiary of the Company, which provides highway maintenance and operation services to Econorte. Rio Tibagi is a company carrying out a legitimate activity through its own professionals and managers, and provided services to Econorte between 2001 and 2017. All the transactions between Rio Tibagi and Econorte were contracted at an arm’s length basis and are detailed in the notes on related-party transactions in the financial statements disclosed to the market by the Company and audited by independent audit firms since its initial public offering in 2007;
(iii) The highway stretch managed by Econorte is 341 kilometers long; 
(iv) Triunfo, Econorte and Rio Tibagi did not contract the services of the companies of Adir Assad or Nelson Leal Junior;
(v) Triunfo did not contract any services from the company of Carlos Felisberto Nasser while he was an advisor at the Office of the Chief of Staff of the Paraná State Government.  
(vi) Econorte complied with 100% of the investments established in its concession contract. Of the approximately R$ 2 billion collected through tolls between 1998 and 2017, R$ 1.16 billion were invested in construction works and management of the concession, and R$ 380 million were used to pay taxes. After paying taxes, the company’s net result corresponded to 14% of the revenue earned in the period;
(vii) Econorte and Rio Tibagi employed 376 people in December 2017;
(viii) The dividends distributed by Econorte and Rio Tibagi were always made in accordance with their Bylaws and the Brazilian Corporations Law, and were paid to the Company without prejudice to investments in the concession and the quality of services provided to users;  
(ix) Toll tariffs at Econorte were adjusted in accordance with the concession contract and applicable laws, and the contractual amendments were approved by a technical panel and by collective decision-making bodies of the government;
(x) The current toll at Econorte takes into consideration the compensation for the unilateral reduction, by a court order, of the tariff by 50% in the first year of the concession, the delays in adjusting the tariff as envisaged in the concession contract, exemption of tolls for more than 20,000 users, the Truck Drivers’ Law and others;
(xi) The Company has internal policies for contracting goods and services by its subsidiaries at an arm’s length basis and adopts the necessary measures to investigate any breach of such policies by its employees or partners; 
(xii) The Company and Econorte provided all the clarifications requested under the 36th phase of Operation Car Wash, relating to the contracting of services from the firm of Rodrigo Tacla Duran and its subcontractors; 
(xiii) Mr. Leonardo Guerra has not been a manager at Rio Tibagi since the first quarter of 2017; and
(xiv) The Company is not aware of any technical study conducted by third parties recommending the reduction of tolls by 18% or 25%, and is not aware of the information published regarding the evolution of wealth of public servants.
The Company provided all the information requested and will continue to cooperate with competent authorities to fully clarify all the facts.  The Company will keep its shareholders and the market informed of further developments in these matters.
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22 February 2018