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Notice to the Market - Vetria Mineração S.A.

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São Paulo, November 30, 2012 - As a complement to the material fact released on December 19, 2011, a Triunfo Participações e Investimentos S.A. ("Triunfo") informs shareholders and the market, in regard to information announced in the market, that it expects for next week the fulfillment of all the suspensive conditions related to the partnership agreement signed on December 19, 2011, jointly with ALL - América Latina Logística S.A ("ALL") and the shareholders of Vetorial Mineração S.A. ("Partnership").

Upon the fulfillment of said suspensive conditions, Vetria Mineração S.A. ("Vetria") will be incorporated, with the signing of shareholder agreements, ruling the rights and obligations of the partners in Vetria.

After the fulfillment of all suspensive conditions, the effectiveness of the Partnership will remain subject to applicable government authorizations, certification of mineral reserves and raising of necessary funds to carry out the investment, including equity.

More information about Vetria will be announced after the shareholders agreement has been signed.

Triunfo will maintain their shareholders and the public informed about any material fact related to the Partnership.

To see the PDF file, click here.
30 November 2012