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1Q11 Highlights

  • Total traffic volume on our toll road concessions increased 8.8% in 1Q11 compared to 1Q10, reaching 19,793 thousand equivalent vehicles.
  • Handled container volume totaled 124,228 TEUs.
  • Electricity output in 1Q11 generated revenue of R$24,024 from sale of electricity.
  • Gross revenue increased 40.6% in 1Q11 over the same period last year, reaching R$205,646.
  • EBITDA grew 22.0% to R$89,468 in 1Q11.
  • Net income reached R$8,585, generating a dividend calculation base of R$25,187.
  • On February 2, Rio Canoas Energia obtained the Environmental Installation License.
  • On February 14, Iceport resumed its operations, which had been suspended since November 12, 2009, when a fire destroyed the facility.
  • On March 2, the Federal Supreme Court rejected the request from the State of Paraná and the Federal Prosecution Office regarding the suspension of toll collection by Econorte, underlining the legitimacy of the Concession Agreement.