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 Strong growth in adjusted net revenue, which reached R$ 457,1 million (+87.7%) in 1Q14, driven by the energy generation segment.

 Adjusted EBITDA in 1Q14 of R$354.1 million (+138.1%) and consolidated EBITDA margin of 74.7%, up 13.6 p.p. from 61.1%.


 Net income was R$156.4 million and the dividend calculation base was R$161.3 million in 1Q14.


 Thanks to the strategy of advancing the operational start-up of Rio Canoas, Triunfo took advantage of the rise in energy prices, thus boosting its 1Q14 results. A total of 581,249 MWh of energy was sold in 1Q14.


 The positive operating performance of other segments is also reflected in the quarterly financial information: Traffic on toll roads increased 5.6% to reach 23.2 million vehicle equivalents, volume of containers handled by Portonave reached 163,200 TEUs, up 7.3%, and the Viracopos Airport handled 2.4 million passengers and 52,500 tons of cargo.