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Dividend calculation base in 4Q15 and 2015 reached R$170.8 million and R$211.2 million, respectively. 


Consolidated adjusted net revenue  totaled R$422.2 million (+50.7%) and R$1.7 billion (+26.6%) in 4Q15 and 2015, respectively. Adjusted EBITDA came to R$462.0 million (+282.7%) in 4Q15 and R$1.3 billion (+29.9%) in 2015.


Toll Roads Segment: Growth of 101.5% in adjusted net revenue in 4Q15 and 73,9% in the year, mainly due to strong growth in gross toll revenue, due to the beginning of toll collection at 11 toll plazas of Triunfo Concebra at the end of June 2015, the acquisition of Triunfo Transbrasiliana in January 2015 and toll increases. 


Port Segment: Portonave reported adjusted EBITDA of R$45.6 million (+27.6%) in the quarter and R$131.3 million (+2.4%) in the year, mainly due to the five new long-haul lines that handled around 125,000 TEUs since the start of operations in July and August 2015 until the end of the year.


Airport Segment: The segment highlight was the 19.7% growth in revenue from the cargo terminal in the quarter and 13.1% in the year. Revenue from cargo is the airport’s main revenue and growth was the result of a series of actions to expand the volume of high-value cargo. 


Energy Segment: The quarterly highlight was the conclusion of the sale of assets of Triunfo Rio Verde, Triunfo Rio Canoas and TNE to CTG Brasil, in the amount of R$1.8 billion, which also includes the assumption of the plants’ debts by the buyer.  The proceeds were used to deleverage the Company and strengthen its financial liquidity.